Stop, drop what you are doing, and sign up for Alquimétricos Kit Zero Collaborathon!

As a brilliant example for keeping Open Education Week going, we salute the Alquimétricos team @alquimetricos for offering a brilliant activity for 3 days the week after OEWeek.

I urge everyone here who wants to be a contributor to a fantastic project to sign up for Collaborathon Alquimétricos – Kit Zero (Open STEAM resources for the classroom (March 14t-16).

Collaborathon Alquimétricos -- Kit Zero... Let's democratize STEAM education

They are offering multiple sessions over three days in Portuguese, Spanish, and English where participants will help by proofreading materials and participating in mapping activities. Mainly, it’s an opportunity to see up close a valuable and award worthy (hint) project 9 years in open education practice.

Sign up to be part of this Open Education Week effort.. I did, and I will be there tomorrow. How about you?

About Alquimétricos

Alquimétricos is an international community for the design, production, and dissemination of Open Educational Resources in the form of low-cost and open-source building blocks. Our resources promote the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). We support a collaborative, maker, playful way of doing things based on the premise of “do it yourself”.

Since 2015, more than 45,000 children and 1,200 teachers participated in Alquimétricos activities in 50 cities from 10 countries. We participate in UNESCO programs, MIT Media Lab Lifelong Kindergarten, Creative Commons, Red Bull Basement, among others.

On the Alquimétricos LAB platform we offer free educational resources, such as teaching guides and assembly instructions to play and learn with our kits.

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thank you very much for the support spreading the word!

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I was very happy to get this personalized tour of Alquimétricos Kit Zero.

It’s a unique project within open education for being both not purely digital – the resources are digitally distributed and open licensed, but the kits are physical learning materials for hands on activities in terms of a kit of simple materials (can be purchased low cost or locally printed from the specifications). It’s also mostly (but not totally) focused on primary and secondary education.

The activities are built around cards which can be mixed for different activities.

I will take on my assignment to review the English language versions of the cards… there is room and need for more reviewers, so sign up for another session this week.

The Alquimétricos team is interested in other projects/materials like this that are built around shareable / printable analog materials-- we saw Beenius World which is built around bulding structures using sticks and bees wax (?)

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