Streamed OEWeek 2023 videos - get them on the OEWeek playlist!

It is impossible to see all that happens in #oeweek!

Watch Open Education Week 2023 on YouTube

We’ve compiled the #oeweek playlist … so you can catch up with what your colleagues are up to - or share a recording of your own participation!

NB: If your event isn’t yet featured on this playlist, here are two ways to make sure it will be:

  1. Include any of these hashtags in the video description: #oeweek or #openeducationweek or #oeweek23
  2. Add the link to your video on YouTube in a post below - hit " :arrow_heading_up: Reply" to create a post.
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Thank you for posting this! :smile: There were a lot of events that sounded interesting but I didn’t get to, this past week, so it’s great to have the videos.

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Here is the growing collection of OE Week streamed videos from the community - I am adding them as I find them!

But there are also these amazing collections that you shouldn’t miss out on!

Creative Commons Open Education Week 2023 Resources #OEWEEK

ISU Open Education Week Events