Summer Conversation - Course Marking for Research on Impact

Course marking for open and affordable course content provides institutions with access to a wealth of data that can be used for reporting to funders, policymakers, and research purposes. Join us for a conversation related to initiating and challenges of sustaining course marking at your institution for research on impact. Our conversation will start with a brief panel discussion and conclude with a conversation. Panelists are Bob Awkward (OER Coordinator for Massachusetts), Debbie Baker and Lisa Young (Maricopa Community College), Sunny Pai (University of Hawaiʻi Community Colleges), and panel moderator Michael LaMagna (Delaware County Community College).

When: Tuesday, August 1, 12 pm Pacific/ 3pm Eastern

Questions - start the conversation below or join us on August 1

  • Highlight one or two challenges in starting course marking at your institution(s)
  • Highlight one or two challenges in sustaining course marking at your institution(s)?
  • How do you plan to/have used your course marking data to show the impact of no-cost/affordable-cost textbook courses at your institution(s)?

Hare, S., Kirschner, J., & Reed, M. (Eds.). (2020). Marking open and affordable courses: Best practices and case studies. Mavs Open Press

Thanks for posting this Michael, and I hope we get some great participation in the webinar.

Note that the reference provided is published in Pressbooks and openly available for reading.

But even better, the resource is set up automatically for annotation, a fantastic way to add comments, questions, and more to specific phrases in the book.

Also, for someone (like me) relatively new to course markings, what is very valuable are the case studies from several institutions including a number of CCCOER / OEGlobal members.

The The Midwestern Higher Education (MHEC) research team, on behalf of the National Consortium of Open Educational Resources (NCOER), recently conducted a study of course marking and has shared a dashboard of select quantitative questions, titled “Course Marking Landscape Analysis”. The full set of survey questions can be found here. A full report will be published in the near future.

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Thank you to everyone who attended this discussion and brought your questions. If you missed it, the recording and slides are available.