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Generate a webpage that can be copy/pasted and has an auto-generated social share image

h/t to @BryanAlexander


This is another cool thing tagged cooltech in Pinboard by @cogdog Do you have something cool to share? Reply or add as a new topic.

Thanks Isla, actually that was me trying to test an integration. I am a regular user of old fashioned social bookmarks, I use Pinboard to organize and curate web sites I come across.

One tag I used is for “cool” technologies and make use of other web tools to:

and I was wondering how to do the same here- I was able to use Isla’s Zapier account to generate a new topic in OEG Connect using my Pinboard tag’s RSS feed (I had some trouble connecting a new account, Isla!)

This was all stuff I found fascinating long ago as “Small web pieces loosely joined” and it still works today.

Cool? The web is as cool as that little town in California