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Create a virtual space in seconds. Digital alchemy is real with Skybox AI - the ultimate AI-powered solution for generating incredible 360° skybox experiences from text prompts.

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This came from one of my favorite internet activities, the DS106 Daily Create with a challenge today from Wendy Taleo in central Australia

#tdc4155 #ds106 What does your fantasy world look like?
Use 350 char to describe your fantasy world. Paste the description into Blockadelabs (free, no signup required for first generated image) to create a 3D image of your world. Share the image or the link to the 3D world.

The idea of the Daily Create is a small creative challenge, with no criteria of doing it right or wrong, doable in ~15-20 minutes, shared with others. My response today (in Mastodon, twitter no longer works, see how others responded)