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What’s cool? Castmagic

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We want to make content simple. Less labor. More magic.

As podcast hosts, too much time was wasted in post production to share the incredible content from our guests and convos. So we created the fastest way to extract all the content from your podcasts in one simple tool.

Podcast show notes & content in a click. Upload your MP3, download all your post production content.

Where is it?: https://www.castmagic.io/

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I gave Castmagic a try with our most recent OEG Voices podcast interview with Giovanni Zimotti… I uploaded the edited audio and within minutes, Castmagic returned quite bit of “stuff” including

  • Suggested Episode Titles
  • Keywords
  • Guest Bio
  • Intro
  • Timestamped Overview (key points?)
  • Question and Answers
  • Key Topics (outline view)
  • Clip finder: Quotes, hooks, and timestamps
  • LinkedIn Post draft
  • Newsletter draft
  • Twitter thread draft

You can see it all at

I have to say it’s impressive, for what it generated, but I am not really ready to just rely on this for my content. I find great pleasure in the writing, link finding, and making it sound human.

But maybe someone else can review, maybe I am a bit too close to the podcast trees.