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What’s cool? Futurepedia

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The Largest AI Tools Directory, updated daily- more than 3000 organized in 50+ categories

Where is it?: https://www.futurepedia.io/

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It is cool… I found out about Futurepedia recently! It is amazing how AI has spread across the web in the last few months.

I found some interesting tools that can be used for UX Design, but also could be used for other research and creative processes. Unfortunately, they aren’t all open or free.

Otter.ai - To run interviews and capture data
Research AI - To analyze data
Smart One - Sentiment and Inent Analyzis
Visily - Draft wireframes and prototypes
Uizard - Turn wireframes into rough UI design
Khroma - Create color palettes
Copy.ai - UX Writting
Visual Eyes - Test with users

Great list there, and it’s a bit dizzying to keep up with, especially as it seems many people conflate the one they likely tried ChatGPT, with all AI apps. In a fantastic presentation at the OTESSA23 conference (I only came across the slides), Sarah Eaton had this brilliant message:

from Sara Eaton’s OTESSA23 Keynote

I used Otter.ai quite a bit a year or so ago for doing transcripts for some podcast episodes. It does it well and offers a nice interface for editing. I burned through a few email accounts for the free bits.

But you are correct that many of these are baiting with some free things to try and then pushing to get you to sign up for $$$$. You find web pages claiming to list opensource AI but how do they include openai.com?? There’s nothing open about them at all except a brand name.

The promising places seems to be https://stability.ai/ but I find many of their links to services require payment, or paying for API.

Open and AI is as clear as…