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Updates on the intersection of ML and open.

“open” is a shortcut; a single word that sometimes refers to a mix of values, rules, and techniques. Like any cognitive shortcut, sometimes this aids efficiency by allowing people with slightly different rules and values to simply use “open” and get close enough to move forward together; at other times it creates friction when various similar-but-not-identical definitions create misunderstanding and even anger.

I believe ML is likely to launch a third(ish) wave of open(ish), characterized by different economics, different development cycles, different communities of practice, and very different social impact from previous cycles. During this wave, the term “open” will be defined anew for—and by—a fresh influx of people; hopefully learning both from past lessons and from new contexts.

Because the term is in flux, I do not want to waste my short life arguing over rigid rules, and this newsletter will try very hard not to gatekeep over “open”. Instead, I want to focus on the values—both the broad social and economic values that make open important, and the very personal ones that have kept me eager to engage in liberatory software.

This essay is a work-in-progress. One of my goals of writing the newsletter is to help sharpen my own intuitions on these hard issues in this new space, so I will likely return to and revise this on a semi-regular basis.

Where is it?: https://www.openml.fyi/

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