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What’s cool? PolitePost.net

Tell me more!

We use AI to polish whatever crummy email you write here so it’s safe for the workplace. Give it a whirl!

Where is it?: https://politepost.net/

This is one among many items I regularly tag in Pinboard as cooltech, and automatically autoshares as #cogdogcooltech to Twitter and Mastodon. Now the Coolness is in OEG Connect :wink:
Have you ever been to Cool? Do you know of something cool I should share? Just reply below and I will check it out.

I heard of PolitePost today in an excellent LA Harbor College “AI in Education” workshop led by Brian Barrick and Alex Dejean

People share, repost links all the time, but I have always felt it’s more valuable to actually try and use the thing shared rather than just spraying links.

Here is something I just tried, my ranting to my colleagues about the lack of participating here in OEG Connect (yes, I exaggerated a bit):

Hey Team,

I really wish you would pay attention to your notifications and participate more in the OEG Connect community space. What does it take for anyone to reply to a message? It’s easy, and you are adding something of value. It’s so frustrating to feel like I am just yelling into oblivion and no one is interested in replying. Hello?

Not very polite! So here is what PolitePost suggested:

Hello team,

I would like to encourage everyone to participate more actively within the OEG Connect community space. It would be great if we could pay more attention to our notifications and respond to messages in a timely manner. By doing so, we can add value to our community and foster a collaborative environment. Thank you for your attention and participation.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Well, I guess AI politeness works! Will anyone recognize me as the sender? :wink:

Give politepost.net a try, and share your results, Thank you for your attention and participation!

Will definitely try. Also checkout Alfred, an AI chatbot, takes this concept to new heights by offering a unique learning experience. Its purpose? To help us learn a different topic every day, effortlessly.

Welcome to OEG Connect, Abheejit…

Thanks, you mean this Alfred?

Can you say more what it does, and how you are using it?

We’ve come a long way since Ask Jeeves!

Thank you for sharing this tool. This is great, particularly for those like me, International folks, switching from language to language every day. I plan to use it. It is very convenient!