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Generative AI has revolutionized programming. Based on his own experience, Jon Udell codifies how to partner effectively with LLM assistants.

you don’t need a low-level understanding of the neural networks at the core of large language models in order to align with the grain of that architecture. Although I can’t explain how LLMs work — arguably nobody can — I’m able to use them effectively, and I’ve begun to codify a set of guiding principles. Here’s my list:

  1. Think out loud

  2. Never trust, always verify

  3. Use a team of assistants

  4. Ask for choral explanations

  5. Outsource pattern recognition

  6. Automate transformations

  7. Learn by doing

Where is it?: https://thenewstack.io/7-guiding-principles-for-working-with-llms/

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