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What’s of interest? AI 101 for Higher Ed - by Lance Eaton

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“On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to talk to the staff at North Shore Community College, which some folks know is a place near and dear to my heart. This was a slightly different talk than my previous two types of talks. Typically, I’ve been talking with faculty or folks in career counseling. Those continue to be areas where I’ll have conversations. This conversation though was more focused on the institution as a whole and helping staff to consider the role(s) generative AI will play in their different work—so not just teaching and learning but all the other things the institution might be doing. As I continue to do, I made an annotated slidedeck as part of the process and you’re welcome to it (and the slidedeck itself is included).”

Worth seeing! is the slide deck Annotated Slidedeck - NSCC - AI 101 - Google Docs

Where is it?: AI 101 for Higher Ed - by Lance Eaton

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Lance Eaton’s writing and resources about AI in education are always resonating with me, and his annotated slide deck is a treasure of more links than mentioned in his post.

I am noticing he is using the Google Slides beta/lab feature to create images with AI or how they label it “Help Me Visualize”. Is anyone using this? It’s not available yet where I am located (Canada) so I might have to resort to VPN to try it out :wink:

Lance has added an attribution statement in his slide deck like Google Slides Image Generator with prompt: “The Good, The Bad, & The AI” but I bet he is doing that manually (?) I’ve not used much the built in google image search in Slides, I note that does a search on Google’s Creative Commons filters, but also does not provide any source or license attribution, it just plops the image in the slide.

And still with AI generated images, the license-ability gets grey as this is far from being clear cut in rules.

But in my own practice, I would follow Lances example and at least signify the AI generating source and image prompt.