Tagged for OEG Connect: Beeper — All your chats in one app. Yes, really

What’s of interest? Beeper — All your chats in one app. Yes, really.

Tell me more!

Beeper is a universal chat app. With Beeper, you can send and receive messages to friends, family and colleagues on 14 different chat networks, all from a single app.

Beeper is free to use, with optional paid subscription. You can use Beeper on all your devices — your messages sync seamlessly. Our apps are available on Android, iPhone, iPad, ChromeOS, macOS, Windows and Linux.

Where is it?: https://www.beeper.com/

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And in more news, Beeper has been acquired by Automattic and I guess will be signing exclusive deals, selling user data, and raising subscriptions, all in order to pay off the debt created through the acquisition.

(Not a cynical response: this actually just happened: Beeper )

Hah, I was a bit quick to tag as “cooltech” and noticed this as well as a few comment noting concerns over preserving encryption. I tried to remove from reposting, but alas here it came.

At first glance a unified messaging app has an allure, but with more thought, one has to reconsider as always we do now, what price convenience. I think I will keep my sprawl of messaging apps where they are.

As you write that, I’m signing up for Beeper anyways. It’s too interesting to just be left alone.

That’s why I like you Stephen, curious to try goes a long way.,