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What’s of interest? Connected Papers | Find and explore academic papers

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Connected Papers is a unique, visual tool to help researchers and applied scientists find and explore papers relevant to their field of work.

How does it work?

To create each graph, we analyze an order of ~50,000 papers and select the few dozen with the strongest connections to the origin paper.

In the graph, papers are arranged according to their similarity. That means that even papers that do not directly cite each other can be strongly connected and very closely positioned. Connected Papers is not a citation tree.

Our similarity metric is based on the concepts of Co-citation and Bibliographic Coupling. According to this measure, two papers that have highly overlapping citations and references are presumed to have a higher chance of treating a related subject matter.

Our algorithm then builds a Force Directed Graph to distribute the papers in a way that visually clusters similar papers together and pushes less similar papers away from each other. Upon node selection we highlight the shortest path from each node to the origin paper in similarity space.

Our database is connected to the Semantic Scholar Paper Corpus (licensed under ODC-BY). Their team has done an amazing job of compiling hundreds of millions of published papers across many scientific fields.

h/t to Bryan Alexander for “connecting” me to this!

Where is it?: https://www.connectedpapers.com/

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I learned about Connected Papers from my good friend and colleague Bryan Alexander who shared it with an example from a 2008 EDUCAUSE Review article we co-authored on Web-based Storytelling.

See how this paper is graphed to other papers in Connected Papers

Graphic map of related academic papers, where circle size reperesent citation counts, location is some kind of proximity measure.

I am still exploring, but it seems to be an interesting way to find related papers.

Connected Papers is built upon Semantic Scholar as a data source. The access for free of 5 papers per month graphed is suitable for my use.

Gove it a try, let us know what you discover!