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What’s of interest? digiLLM

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An Erasmus+ project about the inclusive potentials of digital learning materials and Open Educational Resources. This space is for us – teachers, students & researchers – to jointly discuss inclusivity & learning materials for school education.

Elements include a Living Learning Materials resource library, a community portal for discussion and reflection on digital learning materials, a Framework for the Reflection on Living Learning Materials (FRoLLM), and a participatory research journal.

Where is it?: https://www.digi-europe.org/

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uh oh, the LLM acronym space is now getting crowded by the AI takeover

I am a little shocked and maybe relieved I did not make that connection, Nate. I am trying to remember other times when an acronym got hijacked or at least run over.

This may mean your brain hasn’t been totally overtaken by AI :wink: