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What’s of interest? Docsify This

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This is a customized Docsify Open Publishing Starter Kit site which can render multiple remote Markdown files (for example, a Markdown file in a GitHub repository).

Docsify-This provides an easy way to display and share Markdown content in various contexts, with no website setup or build process required. Collaborative authoring using GitHub or Codeberg is also supported.

With Docsify-This you can:

  • Publish your Markdown files as standalone web pages, with no website setup or build process required

  • Visually style your standalone web pages using a point-and-click Web Page Builder

  • Share existing GitHub-hosted Markdown files as standalone web pages, with an optional ‘Edit this Page’ link

  • Seamlessly embed constraint-free Markdown/HTML, which you have authored, into other platforms (e.g. LMS or CMS)

  • Reuse existing Markdown content by seamlessly embedding it within other platforms (e.g. LMS or CMS)

  • Utilize the supported URL parameters when embedding content to match each destination platform better visually

Where is it?: https://docsify-this.net/

This is one among many items I will regularly tag in Pinboard as oegconnect, and automatically post tagged as #OEGConnect to Mastodon. Do you know of something else we should share like this? Just reply below and we will check it out.

If you can get past your aversion of composing content in Markdown, I strongly urge you to take a look at this lightweight open publishing tool developed by @paulhibbitts – he gave a demo and overview of it during the OEWeek Live webcasts we did for Open Education Week

I have used Docsify This for a few projects and it has very compelling features. Ask Paul for some reasons why to use it or how he sees educators (including himself) publishing course content with it

Thanks for sharing Docsify-This here @cogdog :slightly_smiling_face: Questions and comments from the OEGlobal community always welcome!

And speaking of Open, here is a pretty cool new use of Docsify-This - to document open source hardware projects🚀 OpenArm

Woah, OpenArm is really a powerful example and a fascinating open source project on its own- designing a robotic arm.

It might be fun/interesting down the road to maybe coordinate some folks who might want to follow along for some kind of mini experience creating a Docsify This resource. I am sure it is documented/docsified somewhere, but do you have some resources for people who might be Markdown shy?

Sounds good to me🙂 I’ve got a brief Markdown intro in my Publishing with Docsify-This Guide

And also two additional Markdown resources at the bottom of the Guide:
Markdown Guide
Markdown Cheatsheet

FYI, thanks to a Maintainer of the Docsify.js.org project Docsify-This now has its own dedicated Discord Channel within the Docsify Discord.

UPDATE: Surprising even myself, here is the most complex Markdown file template yet… Docsify-This Multiple Page Course Site

Source Markdown files: https://github.com/hibbitts-design/docsify-this-course-site/tree/main