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What’s of interest? Generative AI in Higher Education

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This self-paced online short course is designed for anyone with an interest in Higher Education (HE). With rapid developments in generative AI (epitomised by ChatGPT), it is clear there are significant implications for students, as well as academic and professional services staff.

At the beginning, initial flurries of interest centred on threats to academic integrity. Now it is clear that there are many challenges, but also considerable opportunities to improve how teaching, learning, assessment and feedback happen in HE.

At the same time, the jobs that HE students are preparing for are also changing. Not everyone can have in-depth expertise in AI, but we all need to have a degree of awareness and a platform for evolving a new literacy. The course takes participants through some foundational concepts, through to some of the big debates and issues, and then on to the applications of generative AI to teaching, learning and assessment practices.

Finally, it considers some of the key implications for employability in a rapidly changing job landscape.

Where is it?: Generative AI in Higher Education

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