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Innovative Publication Techniques: Changing the Nature of the Academic Book

At Open Book Publishers, all our books are published in both physical (paperback and hardback) and digital (PDF, XML, HTML, EPUB and MOBI) formats. We believe Open Access publications can embrace the possibilities of digital publishing – by, for example, embedding audiovisual material or enabling greater interactivity with readers – without abandoning the printed form. While the digital elements discussed here are obviously most easily and effectively accessed from digital editions of the book, we make it easy for readers of the print edition to make use of them by providing web links, and also scannable QR codes wherever possible.

Here are examples of our titles that experiment with techniques including: incorporating audio/visual material into the fabric of the text; zooming functions on selected images; using commentary functions to enable reader annotation and discussion; and creating publications from database content.

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Where is it?: Innovative books | Open Book Publishers

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I enjoyed this collection of innovation elements, tools, media, activities are integrated with titles from Open Book Publishers- hoping it gives some ideas for approaches to open textbook design.