Tagged for OEG Connect: Library 2035: Imagining the Next Generation of Libraries (webcast)

What’s of interest? Library 2035: Imagining the Next Generation of Libraries (webcast)

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Library 2035 is a webcast produced by the San Jose State University School of Information featuring discussions with chapter authors of a newly published book (May 2024) about the future of libraries.


“Library leaders, LIS students and faculty will find this book particularly meaningful and useful as we grapple with what the future of libraries and the profession will be.”

h/t sleslie: "Apparently there is a new book out "Librar 2035: …" - Mastodon

Where is it?: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlwxuhlOynjB886tCysuVk2vpJWdgdsjZ

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