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What’s of interest? #MyNameIs - Name Pronunciation Tool - Race Equality Matters

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73% of people have had their name mispronounced. Regardless of reason, it’s hurtful to those affected. After all, your name is more than just a name. It’s part of your heritage, identity and pride.

That is why Race Equality Matters has established #MyNameIs - a campaign to encourage people to raise awareness of simply introducing phonetic spellings as standard practice. Share your name, share your story.

Don’t know the phonetic translation of your name?

When translating your name to phonetics you first need to figure out its phonetic pronunciation. When that is done, you can try to write those sounds in the name pronunciation tool and then use the speaker icon to proof it.

Alternatively, you can also use this phonetic dictionary.

Where is it?: https://mynameis.raceequalitymatters.com/

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This was one of those great discoveries I did by being curious about a link in the footer of an email message, where the sender include the phonetic pronunciation of their name with a link to MyNameIs.

From what I could see there is you try different phonetic pronunciations of your name entered in the box until the generated voice says it how you prefer.

My name, Alan, is not much of a challenge, lucky me, though for some reason many people see my full name and call me Adam (that’s another story). I played with a few variations and generated this as an image I could use:

and ideally I would link to https://mynameis.raceequalitymatters.com/

Or, for the version of what I saw, I could add to my email something like a linked version of it

#MyNameIs AL IN

We have tried to promote OEG Connect users to include in their profile (find yours now) a link to a name pronunciation service like Name Drop - there are many one could use. This new service does not seem to have a way to make a link for your own name.

Do you have a pronunciation link on your OEG Connect profile?

They also suggest sharing the story of your name, so here’s mine.

I was named after my paternal grandfather, who passed away before I was born, who was Abraham Levine. My mom thought “Abraham” was a bit too old Testament era sounding and modernized it to Alan (thanks Mom!).

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