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Open By Default is the biggest database of internal government documents never before made publicly accessible, and we’re still adding more records. All our records come from access to information requests released by the federal government.

Our goal is to strengthen democracy by giving all Canadians easy and immediate access to the information governments use to make decisions.

Want to know how the government discusses climate change, taxes or house prices? You can do keyword searches using the search bar. You can also filter for records from a specific year or department.

Where is it?: Open By Default

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It’s not hard to like the name of this effort. It caught my attention after our podcast interview last week with @Jennryn (soon to be edited and published) where she mentioned efforts and activity at Creative Commons on Open Journalism.

Who else is paying attention, active in regards to openness in journalism? It’s especially of interest given current shake ups in media / news reporting related to that 2 letter acronym, right?

Also related and just spotted, a call by ProPublica for experts to share their education reporting

This is an awesome resource. I was just in, seeing all the BC gov docs related to climate policy (there is stuff there on fracking, transmountain pipeline, carbon policy etc.)

This ought to be a resource in all Canadian “research methods” courses!!

Thanks CogDog!!!

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