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The Center for Professional Learning is a response to the ongoing desire among teachers for professional learning and leadership opportunities that address concerns of quality, equity, and holistic learning. Each of the open educational resources (OERs) in the periodically updated library below was guided by our own Sustainable Learning Framework and is the result of co-creating impactful professional development resources with educators who work in displacement contexts.

As defined by UNESCO, open educational resources (OERs) are “learning, teaching and research materials in any format and medium that reside in the public domain or are under copyright that have been released under an open license, that permit no-cost access, re-use, re-purpose, adaptation and redistribution by others.” Our mission at CE International is to develop and amplify innovative solutions to education challenges that affirm children’s learning and development as the pathway to sustainable futures for all. Therefore, the creation of OERs is in our organizational DNA.

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