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What’s of interest? The Collaborative Library

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What if there was a place where researchers, clinicians, and service users, and the wider public could share their knowledge in a way that was easy to understand and accessible to everyone?

That’s where The Collaborative Library comes in! We’re an online platform dedicated to bringing scientific knowledge to the masses by providing a space for people to share plain language summaries of research articles. And the best part…? Anyone can contribute, collaborate, and help make science more fun and accessible!

At The Collaborative Library, we’re driven by a greater purpose—to create change and promote open access to knowledge. We believe in rewarding those who contribute to scientific advancement and sharing research implications in an accessible way.

Integrity and honesty are at the heart of everything we do. We also value trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility as our guiding principles.

Together, we’ll build a resource that no one single person can build alone. Knowledge is power, and we’re committed to sharing it widely and fairly.

Where is it?: https://thecollaborativelibrary.com/

This is one among many items I will regularly tag in Pinboard as oegconnect, and automatically post tagged as #OEGConnect to Mastodon. Do you know of something else we should share like this? Just reply below and we will check it out.

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Thanks to my colleague @igorlesko for this morning sharing in a meeting the link for The Collaborative Library .

This could certainly be something worth nomination for, say, some kind of recognition or award? Do we have something like that around here? Anyone can do this and we all gain from collecting these resources in the pool of nominations