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Meaning, authenticity, and the creative process – and why they matter.

mediation changes the experience in a very real way; the transmission chain from the creator to the recipient becomes part of the experience and thus part of the meaning. That means that different media and different kinds of mediation fundamentally change the meaning. It also means that the longer the transmission chain – the more a creation is divorced from its original context – the more the connection between the creator and the audience is frayed. The result thing might still be valuable, but it is different.

This much, to me, seems inescapable. But I am left with two questions. First, why is it different? And secondly, does any of this change when the technology involved is AI?

I’m going to claim, regarding the second, that AI does change things in a deep and fundamental way. Some say that AI is “just another tool”, but I don’t think it is; I think it distinctly and qualitatively alters the relationship between ourselves, our creations, and each other.3 To explain why, I have to go into my thoughts about the first question: why and how context and connection matters for authenticity and meaning.

Where is it?: The work of creation in the age of AI | Andrew Perfors

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