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What’s of interest? What AI Can Do Today

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We’ve analysed 5667 AI Tools and identified their capabilities with OpenAI GPT-4, to bring you a list of 30257 tasks of what AI can do today.

Where is it?: https://whataicandotoday.com/

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So this (admittedly older) Wired article (The Fanfic Sex Trope That Caught a Plundering AI Red-Handed | WIRED) caught my attention (it is definitely an unexpected and surprising article that takes the unusual route of down-playing the more shocking/sensational components)… along with the oegweek events this year that discussed mentioned AI translation… and a couple of weeks ago I read something that was originally in Russian but I am pretty sure was an AI translation (which also will have me going down a linguistics rabbit-hole about prepositions and gendered words in non-romance languages). Anyways I am still super new to the AI-quandraries, but I do know previously I have enjoyed going back and forth using Google translate with a few sentences from one language to another then back again (it ends up like a one-person/machine game of telephone). But I am super interested in learning more about how copyright issues can address the additional difficulty of international laws along with other language ai learning from translated works. My fundamental default position is to allow sharing and accept the risks but then again I am not someone who makes a living from writing. Just one of many philosophical ai-oriented topics that would be awesome to have a group of experts chatter about…)