The "O" in OEWeek does not stand for "Over"

Keep on sharing experiences and resources you uncover from the Open Education Week site.!

Last week we saw an amazing array of activities and discussions from well over 100 countries for OEWeek The word from our statistics team is that we saw close to or more than 10,000 participants.

The calendar week is over, but there are actually a few more things happening this week, including a March 12 the Open Education Conference Community meeting:

This is the first community planning meeting for the 2021 Open Education Conference. The steering committee will provide updates on the plan for this year’s event, which will be held virtually in October 2021, and gather input on the direction of the theme and programming. The meeting will also provide an update on a community-led strategic planning process that will decide the future of the conference.

Tune in Friday to learn more about the plans for the 2021 Open Education Conference.

Event Archives

If you are like me, perhaps you felt there was more to explore than time available. That is a beauty of the OEWeek site as it is an ongoing useful resource. You can explore the events you may have missed, many will be posting archives of live meetings.

For example, I’m saving for a viewing later this week EDEN’s panel discussion on Role of the openness in shaping of the post-pandemic education (Role of international associations), the archive has been posted, or directly is here:

And we appreciate that @lena was there to represent OE Global.

Many More Resources

The OEWeek library includes shared open education resources going back to 2015. This is a valuable collection that might give you ideas, create connections, and hopefully aid your own OE efforts. Just on scouting the new ones from this year, I hope to explore more about Hack Your Future guidebooks from Belgium aimed at supporting newcomers to Belgium with digital tools and community resources, especially for women and refugees:

We provide them with a diverse community and the necessary skills for a career in software development. We believe digitalization can help people to integrate and bring positive change. All of our resources and processes are available in the Home Guidebook so others can have a leg up starting their own coding schools based on our successes/failures and pedagogical best-practices.

Learn more at

What can you find worthy in the OEWeek Activity and Resource archives? Share something here.