The winner list of the 2023 Taiwan OE award

Hello! Greetings from Taiwan!!

I am Marian from Taipei Medical University, current the treasurer of the board, served as the 3rd term.

I am representing the Taipei Medical University, and also representing the Taiwan Open Courseware and Education Consortium (TOCEC). The TOCEC had formed a group of participants traveled to this year’s OEG 2023 Conference in Edmonton, Canada. You may recall the short remark spoke by the Secretary Chen on day 3 of the OEG 2023.

TOCEC supports the vision of OEG to advocate the idea of open education in Taiwan, and also in Asia. TOCEC held Taiwan Open Education Award annually since 2018. The 2023 awards open for recommendation was announced in May. The winner list was announced in late September.

2023 Taiwan Open Education Excellence Award Ceremony Photo Source

This year’s award categories including the best OpenCourseWare, the best MOOCs, and the best application of open education resources. The TOCEC had received as many as 90 recommendations for the best OpenCourseWare or MOOCs awards, and 14 recommendations for the best application awards. The winner list includes 4 best applications and 29 best OCW/MOOCs.

Universities in Taiwan have produced high quality open education resources. The TOCEC would like to recommend some of the best practice to the future OE award.

One of the best application winners this year is the “Digital Initiative Program” of Taipei Medical University, and the other one is the “NTUMOOCs for high school students project” of National Taiwan University.

The digital Initiative Program of Taipei Medical University, which is coached by me, was in the final list of OE award 2022. I had recorded a video to explain what the program is and its outcomes so far.


Congratulations Marian to you and your team at Taipei Medical and all the other winners. Well done!!

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Thanks Marian for sharing the TOCEC Open Education Awards program and an opportunity to see the network of open education being this active in Taiwan.

I encourage readers to visit and explore these open courses and resources. I am just now looking at an intro course for learning R, in English it translates to “Newbie Village” a welcoming metaphor

And amongst the Excellent Course Award sites is
中餐健康廚房 (Chinese Healthy Kitchen) a culinary course from National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism:

Do you feel that Chinese food is always too seasoned, too greasy, or overcooked, which results in the loss of nutrients in the ingredients or increases the burden on the body? Chinese people’s three daily meals are still based on Chinese cooking methods, so we launched this healthy Chinese kitchen to teach everyone how to cook healthy, nutritious and delicious Chinese dishes.

This course is aimed at healthy baking learners with different needs. It has designed 19 Chinese dishes in six themes, including refreshing and healthy Chinese vegetarian food, Chinese Mediterranean cuisine, vitality porridge, health-preserving medicinal meals and soups, and fermented foods.

We so enjoyed, seeing, speaking with, and learning from the many TOCEC participants at the OEGlobal 2023 conference and I am sorry I did not get to meet you in person.

I hope readers here will explore the projects from the TOCEC awards and share what you find (Google Translate was a big help!)

Thanks for your Board View, Marian!

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