This International Women's Day, thank the Women on the Frontline of Open Education

Give a shout out to women that have inspired you this OEWeek …

Every year, OE Week coincides with International Women’s Day on March 8 – and a lot of the gratitude or thought that should apply to that day is lost in the frenzy and the excitement of OEWeek activities (not that we’re complaining!).

This post is just a suggestion for those of you at OEWeek to take a moment to celebrate the woman or women who have made a profound impact on your open education journey – gratitude is a lovely thing!!

For bonus points: If you know of any Open focused projects to make visible or highlight women today, then please also share!

Here are some of the open events I know are happening this March in the Open movement:

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This international women’s day I’d like to send gratitude out into the world for Iolanda Pensa, @Anthere, and Kelsey Merkley who guided my Wikimedia and Open journey, and @marcela, @unatdaly @LizYata @karencang Afek BEN CHAHED, Nonny Ntlahla, and hundreds of #inspringwomen who make every day in the #open an absolute delight!!


Echoing your gratitude here for all who you mentioned- and for YOU, @IslaHF, for your incredible work for OE Global and for Open Education in general!


I am also so appreciative and indebted to the RLOE leader team including many talented and brilliant women: @RVOrtiz @DDLAKE22 @zenone66 @KimG @Robin and so many wonderful RLOE collaborators and participants its hard to mention them all here - including @OERIDEAL @sakiyamam @Alegria @mkhetarpal @drsharon @Suman @sunyeen and so many others! Help me tag them here please!


I work with an awesome set of ladies! a Shout out to Suzel, Tosca, Cynthia, Tina, Kathy, Sara, Diana, Dannielle, BJ, and Judy.

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Right back at you, Karen! I have learned so much with you the past couple of years! And the whole leader team and all the RLOE Participants!


Our synchronicity could not have been better planned than for International Womens Day being the same day of a planned OEG Voices podcast recording with Tetiana Kolesnykova, Director, Scientific Library at the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies, who was recognized with with a 2022 OE Award for Excellence in Open Resilience.


The story we had heard was impressive about how Ukrainian librarians rallied after the February 24, 2022 Russian invasion and bombing of Dnipro, home of Tetiana’s university. But to hear the details in her own voice says the resilience of not only these librarians, but the Ukrainian people, is more than we may recognize.

The session today also featured and well worth honoring today are the European Network of Open Education Librarians (ENOEL) team who were already collaborating with Tetiana before the invasion, Paola Corti @Paola and Mira Buist-Zhuk @mira. Paola eagerly agreed to set this up when I asked her maybe just two weeks ago, and Mira performed amazing acts of translation during the recording.

All of these women are exemplars of resilience and care for International Women’s Day. I am so eager to get into the editing both to publish this podcast.

While we are getting the audio recording ready to publish, I urge you to read Tetiana’s message a year ago, Open Education developments in Ukraine in times of crisis: A librarian’s perspective that our Mira and Paola translated and shared last June.

I am so humbled and honored to just see and listen to Tetiana. Thank you all women who made this possible, today (and every day)


And I should mention as well, the OEWeek Live! session that preceded the podcast above, os not only the first one broadcasted in Spanish, but also on International Women’s Day, featured an all female panel:

Included in today’s conversation, and honoring on IWD2023 was;

  • Marcela Morales @marcela (OEGlobal)
  • Agustin Huertas (pasante de OEGlobal)
  • Kristelle Gutierrez (pasante de OEGlobal)
  • María Soledad (Marisol) Ramirez-Montoya @Marisol (Miembro de la Junta de OEGlobal)
  • Diana Hernadez-Montoya @Diana (Miembro de la Junta de OEGlobal)

Because this was a live webcast, you can watch the recording now!

¡Agradecemos a las mujeres que son líderes en Educación Abierta!


Excellent to see @zenone66’s pic in your image above! Esperanza is one of our amazing RLOE leadership team members.

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I’m late to the party - but the 2023 Summer Book Club Title Announced! and this year’s selection is “OERigin Stories: Pathways to the Open Movement” (CC-BY-SA) by Ursula Pike. This book is a retelling of the personal and professional experiences of six women of color who have been strong advocates and leaders in the Open Education Movement.

  • Tonja R. Conerly, Sociology Professor at San Jacinto College; member of the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education; founder of the Houston Area OER Consortium (HAOER); and Executive Council emeritus of CCCOER
  • Angela DeBarger, Program Officer for Education, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Liliana Diaz Solodukhin, Policy Analyst, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)
  • Shinta Hernandez, Department Chair, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice, Montgomery College; and Executive Council member of CCCOER
  • Jessie Loyer, Librarian, Mount Royal University
  • Ariana Santiago, Open Educational Resources Coordinator, M.D. Anderson Library, University of Houston

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with a few of these women, and I’m looking forward to reading their stories.


Great choice for the CCCOER Book Club Summer 2023. The author, Ursula Pike, was also the founding chair of our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Next Step Committee.