Twelve Episodes of OEWeek Live Coverage and Conversation

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Another successful Open Education Week has zoomed by including hundreds of global events and resources shared. As usual, there is too much happening to take it all in during one week. In our planning suggestions, I proposed a new concept to offer something like a live show, on the internet, that could be some kind of cross between a news report and a talk show. I’ve always felt a live show adds an element of excitement and I think we achieved it. Plus, given the webinar/presentation formats of many of the OEWeek events, I saw an opportunity for open conversations…


So… that was a lot of fun for Open Education Week.

What if we (the royal we) did an OEGlobal live show on an ongoing basis? Who might be interested in joining us for a future segment? We could highlight work, talk about hot topics, share more demos, do some live training, watch my dog roll around in the snow (okay that last one was just a reading check).

Help us brainstorm making a regular internet show a thing we share here. Thoughts?

On the topic of “hanging out”, there’s something to be said about the little nudge, in online spaces among colleagues: “got a minute?”
Elaborate technology exists to make those moments happen. More importantly, though, there’s a democratic “we” in what might be emerging as a Community of Practice.

So, typically, things start slow. You gather a few people in a space (online or off). You do it with some regularity. At one point, it might become part of someone’s work or “extracurricular”. Overall, though, it’s taking its time to build into something of a momentum. Importantly, in our case, special care should be taken to make sure that those who feel included aren’t merely those who regularly feel included. And there should be connections across networks.

Eventually, it could become something else. Nobody knows what until the conditions are met so it could happen. It’ll probably merge with conferences and forums and festivals and meetings. It might be mentioned on occasion “hey, I heard this from someone at the last chat”. It doesn’t carry its own Key Performance Indicators or Quality Assurance criteria. It’s a thing which happens and helps the movement thrive/grow.

You sure get my idea, Alex. I have hopes we can create spaces like that here in OEG Connect and more open conversation sessions.

I am going to continue the "live"show concept very soon, and hopefully this achieves more regularity. We are also looking at perhaps a less public streamed approach, more like open conversation hours or coffee time as my colleague Ken Bauer does as #educoffee.

Stay tuned!

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