Una foto cada día: 40 day daily photo challenge

Join my friend / colleague Antonio Vantaggiato and his INF 115 (Nuevos Medios Digitales/New Media) students at Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in a collaborative, creative, bilingual photography challenge.

They do for this class every semester, the students both create the prompts for and participate in an effort to respond each day to a creative challenge posted in Spanish and English at http://daily.netedu.info/

These are also posted every day to twitter, follow @avbot to see them in your timeline. Just read the challenge, take a photo, and tweet a reply with your photo and the hashtag for that day. All responses are automatically added to the entry for that day.

Let’s see how it works. Here is the first challenge:

How many creative ways can you share a photo of the color blue (azul)? All you need is one. Send a tweet including at least @avbot2 and this challenges hashtag #fotodia378, your photo, and anything else you might want to say about your blue photo. Also, it is nice to include a mention of the student who created this challenge @fabcorreabracet

Within an hour, your tweet should be appended to the other responses for today’s challenge, see http://daily.netedu.info/fotodia378/ Being in San Juan Puerto Rico means these students have both blue sky and blue ocean for subjects!

Are you up to trying to do all 40? Even if you do not go 40/40, it is a good creative activity, and supports these new media students.

If competition motivates you, the site automatically creates a leaderboard http://daily.netedu.info/leaders/

Who is in for this challenge? Even if you miss a day, you can go back and add a response (it need not be done the same day).

Having done a blue photo, the second challenge is your pet and you. Got pet? If no, make an imaginary one!

I see you in the mix @marcela ! Thanks/gracias for contributing a blue photo