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The Wikimedia movement (or the Wikiverse, as I call it), can be a difficult place to keep track of.

In the spirit of both of the themes for the upcoming OEGlobal 2024 Open is Everyone’s Business and Wikimania 2024 Collaboration of the Open, here are the latest updates from the Wikiverse.

I want to draw attention to the two sections on AI, as this is a hot topic in this community!

(1 July 2024)
From the Foundation:

  • Movement charter: The ratification process for a charter for the movement starts on June 25 and will continue until July 10. Learn more about the movement charter.

  • The Wikimedia Foundation Bulletin is a new experiment on establishing a regular communication on highlights from the Wikimedia Foundation (Foundation) including technical work, work with communities and affiliates, as well as other stakeholders like readers, donors, regulators, the media and the public. The LINK to the first edition is here.

  • The Wikimedia Foundation Campaign Programs team is holding a conversation hour to Celebrate Women on June 27 at 12 UTC. Register and participate.

  • Wiki Workshop, the largest Wikimedia research event of the year concluded on June 20, 2024. Multiple research sessions were held on topics like Disinformation, Reliability, Representation and Gender, Governance and Policy, and many more. If you missed the event, you can review the schedule, and check out the accepted extended abstracts.

  • AI: Check out this panel discussion during “AI for Good” Summit “To Share or Not To Share: The Dilemma of Open Source vs. Proprietary Large Language Models”, where Director of Machine Learning Chris Albon of the WMF shared his reflections about the value of open source models. Here’s a recording of his panel.

  • AI: Read Martin Gerlach’s recent research on an AI model that lets us better quantify the extent of the “readability gap” on Wikipedia (beyond English Wikipedia). Here is the full paper.

From regions:

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