Use Cases of Web Annotation

Please pardon a question here in English, please feel free to reply en español.

I am interested in hearing about uses of web annotation in educational contexts. A recent presentation from a sociology professor ar UAEM shared experiences of using web annotation activities in Spanish:

She collected student experiences shared as video

and the presentation slides

I have much interest in developing community activities here at OE Global taking advantage of web annotation, but am interested to know of more examples among OELATAM using this approach.


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Aquí en inglés pero yo feliz contestar/interactuar en español.

I would be really interested in this topic. I have been using in my classrooms but mostly in English although my students and colleagues tend to bounce between English/Spanish.

I did engage with the folks at Hypothesis about tutorials in Spanish and Nate Angell in particular is interested in driving more support to Spanish speaking communities.

I tend to grab papers (pdf form hosted locally often) or blog posts to mark up with a private group for my class. My students really engaged with this format in my software engineering class this semester and I received good comments about that. I really should post about that.

Gracias, Ken.

I’d like to think this is an attractive idea, as annotation is not a new academic task, but what is new is the potential when it can happen in a shared space. But better than that, this is a tool that can be used by any one, and is free from being tied to a platform. And any public web page can be annotated.

¡Veo un gran potencial aquí!