Watch OEWeek Live! Monday 6 March Show #1

Welcome to our first episode of OEWeek Live! Tune for a quick overview of what is happening in the next few hours today for Open Education Week. Then listen in as our guests describe their projects and activities going on this week, as well as sharing highlights of what they have experienced. And whatever else emerges in our informal conversation,

Here are all the details including the exact time converted to your location. The live stream will be embedded below and will be available later as a recording.

:alarm_clock: When: 2023-03-06T16:00:00Z
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:people_holding_hands:t4: Guests (updated as we get closer):

  • Jennryn Wetzler @Jennryn (Creative Commons): (1) open education professional development trends , (2) lessons learning from organizing disparate groups in OE & CC Certification (3) confusion over CC licenses (4) open edu and its overlap with other fields; and (4) when did we last feel JOY in learning?
  • Catherine Cronin @catherinecronin: (1) #HE4Good – Higher Education for Good, open access book due for publication mid-2023; (2 facilitating open education/open knowledge in community settings; (3) equity-focused OEP/open policy discussions
  • Maren Deepwell @mdeepwell (ALT-C) ALT/UK Open Education and the OER23 conference
  • Jennifer Rogers (LibreTexts) Open Education Week events offered by LibreTexts

Watch on YouTube to send questions/comments live to the studio or post any questions below.

Watch OEWeek Live

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Question for the panel: do you feel that members of our OE scene are moving in the same direction or is there a tension between our approaches?

Thanks for being so active in the comments, it helps to have these from the audience! I think we got some good responses, to a question worth itself a much bigger space.