Welcome and and Say Hello to EDUTECH 2022 Participants

We were invited by @OERIDEAL to share a tour and live experience of OEG Connect for the EDUTECH 2022 conference 2022-11-11T17:00:00Z2022-11-11T17:50:00Z at the Alamo Colleges District in Texas.

The OEG Connect space seems appropriate given the Three C’s of the conference Connect • Collaborate • Communicate!

For Participants (or anyone who wants to join in)

  1. All OEG Connect content is open to see but you will get more by participating. Start by signing up to create an account You will receive an email with more instructions on using the space. You can explore these later but for now, Log in to OEG Connect.
  2. Explore at least five discussions active on the main entrance or elsewhere on the site.
  3. Start to personalize your account by adding information, an avatar to your account preferences and add more details to your profile.
  4. Finally, return and join this discussion by using the reply button below. Introduce yourself, and anything else you want to share – what you are interested in as an educator, your awareness of open education, what you are hopeful to learn about at EDUTECH, or even share a photo of your cat.

For anyone else in this community, please give a Texas sized hello with a greeting, let our participants know where in the world you are, what you find valuable about OEG Connect, and also ask any questions about the Alamo College District.

Let’s Connect, Collaborate, and Communicate with our colleagues there.

Thanks for the opportunity to visit and thank toy @OERIDEAL for the invitation.

Just quickly thinking of the questions that came at the end- if you are thinking of sharing the educational materials you are creating, start first with this in mind and seek to use only media and content shared openly under conditions that allow reuse. Check with your librarians and educational developers about finding such resources (or ask here!), and ask Beatrice too more about what she learned of Creative Commons as she is certified!

It can get complex when dealing with content from cultures where such ideas of ownership and copyright are not the same. We have had discussions and interests here on what is known as Traditional Knowledge Labels, a very interesting topic

Also, regarding the question about resources for addressing the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on learning and well being (talk about a global issue), you will find some resources by searching here within OEG Connect. A few of them will be conference papers, presentations by international educators who have recently published as an important paper

Impact of COVID-19 on Formal Education: An International Review of Practices and Potentials of Open Education at a Distance

Many of the coauthors have accounts in OEG Connect, including @Andreia who joins OEGlobal this month as our new Executive Director!

We hope the Alamo Colleges participants feel welcome to join the community and ask more questions here- in general a community is a better place to find answers than one person.

I appreciated @cogdog for co-presenting with me at AlamoColleges EduTech 2022. We had a faculty member that had questions about research on internationalization of COVID trauma. Questions and networking opportunities for future conferences were offered. OER EdTech humanizes the work we all do!