WELCOME first-time conference attendees!


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the 2020 Open Education Global Conference! Whether you are new to open education or a seasoned veteran, there is much to experience at the conference.

Monday, November 16, will begin with the opening plenary followed by almost 200 sessions, keynotes, and networking over the next four days.

Please take the time to visit the Sponsor Area to add to your conference learning experience, and help us extend a special recognition to this year’s conference sponsors for their generous support.

During the conference, you will learn from the best! In fact, this year, we are introducing a new event—Convo and Collab —to give attendees an opportunity to network, attend special interest meetings, start conversations, and ask questions!

We are confident your participation this year will result in tremendous learning and demonstrate the value of open education for your organization, for your country, and for the global good

Enjoy the conference experience, and please feel free at any time to give us feedback. Thanks for attending and being part of the open education community!


This is fantastic, Susan, to hear how many people attending the conference are first timers. Although I am working with OEG and helping support the conference, I have never attended one (although was envious of colleagues who attended previous ones), so could me amongst those who are New.

“The New New is New” flickr photo by cogdogblog https://flickr.com/photos/cogdog/42977083061 shared into the public domain using (CC0)

We hope other OE Global conference attendees will step up and share what they expect for this conference. I just expect to make a lot of new connections and get to know the people of OEG better.

Back in the days when we attended conferences in person, I often tried a strategy when looking at picking sessions, to chose one I might consider as an unlikely one or a subject I new nothing about. Invariably I always learned something interesting. So it can be good to go against your impulses, and randomly choose a session.


Thank you for this welcome, Susan. And to our first-time attendees…WELCOME!

My first OEG Conference was in 2018 at TU Delft. While I knew people in the community, I was not prepared for how many people I didn’t know. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but I’m an extrovert and kept introducing myself to people so I knew names and faces. While we don’t have that exact option this year, I would encourage the use of this space to introduce yourself, share your passions and work, and make global connections. I’m looking forward to how we use the Convo & Collab days to do just this.

I also second @cogdog’s idea about picking sessions you know nothing about and learning from the passionate folx OEG brings together. You are sure to learn something new that will help you in your own work and maybe even spark future collaboration!

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Thanks Susan, It is indeed a pleasure to be here and to learn, and interact with global community.Hope that the conference would be the landmark in establishing largest online connection and a centre for learn, unlearn, and relearn.

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HI Roma! Welcome to the conference but also welcome as a new attendee! What do you do at Isabella Thoburn College?

Thanks a lot dear Susan for your hearty welcome, I am a teacher Educator in the department of Teacher Education at Isabella Thoburn College.

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Thank you for the warm welcome! It will be my 1st OE, I am so impressed by the effort which you all had put into organizing this online!


Thanks, Klara - much appreciated. So glad that you are joining us this year for the first time. I see you are visiting us from Poland! That’s exciting. What is your connection to open education?



Hi, I am the long time Wikipedian/Wikimedian (I used to work as the museum worker and coordinated wiki-projects among other stuff:)) and I am also activist within Open Education Coalition in Poland. I have been working as an education specialist at Wikimedia Poland since September 2019. :slight_smile:


Hi Klara,
Great to meet you, there is so much to learn from you, I am an educationist from India and working toward developing innovative MOOCs as OER using a free and easily accessible platform.
I cordially invite you to visit my few sites and leave your feedback.


Hello Everyone,

Very excited to be attending OE Global 2020 in a few short weeks. Although I’ve been attending since 2012 as a staff member, this is our FIRST virtual OE Global and it is going to be really special and allow more people to join us who have been unable to attend in-person.

I work with the public community and technical colleges in North America – these are higher education institutions that offer the first two-years of education towards a 4-year bachelors/diploma as well as workforce certificates. These colleges are open enrollment institutions primarily for adult learners but also serve a growing number of secondary students.

I look forward to connecting and hearing more about others’ open work and answering any questions about ours. You can check out members and activities at our website.

Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER)

See you soon!
Una Daly
Director, CCCOER
Northern California, USA


Hi Klara, So much to learn from you! Looking forward to interacting! I have been working as an ICT-pedagogy integration specialist in India.

Hi Susan,
Really appreciating the way you all putting in efforts! This is my first time here. I work as an ICT-pedagogy integration specialist in India and have been involved in Open education since a few years. Looking forward to interacting with all!


Hi, nice to meet you, too! The MOOC subject is also important to me, because I am currently working on MOOC for teachers about Wikipedia. We want to customize moodle.

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Hi! This is very interesting topic - ICT tools for education! We have teachers in Poland who are very into it (soooo many groups on Facebook! :wink: And at the 1st lockdown there have been sooo many lists on the Internet with ICT tools, websites and so on :slight_smile: ). And my goal is to make teachers think that Wikipedia and its projects, tools are also from the same ICT-family.


In a previous job, our team customized Moodle - we needed a LMS that was user-friendly for open courses - it worked out great. Moodle is a sponsor this year, so you can interact directly with them if you have questions! You can find them in the Sponsor area.

Klara, my Ph.D topic is Facebook as educational scaffold :grinning: :see_no_evil:


This is great advice, Alan! The serendipity of OEGlobal is a real thing - I’m a big fan of not planning my conference agenda, but just wandering into random rooms to see what’s happening. I’m excited to recreate this in a virtual setting and think that the flexibility of the conference plan will facilitate this even further.


Hello Susan,
Thank you for the welcome. I look forward to the conference.
I messed up with my registration. It appears I am registered twice even though on my first attempt to register I never received an email. So I registered again using a different email and now I am listed twice!
Can I delete one of the listings?

Good morning, Beat,

I see that you are a presenter and both registrations are included in the presenter group. I see a Beat1 and Beat - I will be glad to delete one for you. Do you have a preference? It looks like you started buiding your profile with Beat1.