Welcome to #OEGlobal21 from Paul Stacey, Executive Director of Open Education Global

"Come together to shape the future of the people through Open Education”.

Greetings and welcome to the OE Global 2021 online conference from co-host Paul Stacey, Executive Director of Open Education Global.

A transcript of this video in English, French and Spanish is available here (with thanks to @Mario and @Ceslause):

You can watch more of the welcome videos here.


Here are some images of the large 8 metre tall welcoming totem pole I mention in the video.

I love the way this one shows the small tree naturally growing out of the hat on top of his head - a tree of knowledge.

As you can see the arms are outstreched welcoming visitors as they pass in front of it by foot, by bicycle or by boat. The pole was carved by Master Carver Darren Yelton whose Squamish ancestral name means ‘he who works to shape the future of the people.’

In the spirit of that pole I welcome all of you to the Open Education Global 2021 conference and invite you to come together to shape the future of all people through open education.


Thank you Paul. Looking forward to this conference

So good to see you here Jane and yes I hope you get a lot out of the conference.

Good to see you too Paul. I sure hope to get a lot out of the conference

I discovered these welcoming figures at Burgoyne Bay on Salt Spring Island between Vancouver Island and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I was on my way to the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria in 2019.

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Nice ones Mark, thanks for sharing.
And welcome to the conference!

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Thank you for the welcome Paul.
Nice video.
Arriving late because of work commitments but… “mieux vaut tard que jamais”.
Looking forward to the next few days.
Best regards

Great that you are able to join us @paul.blackman. So fascinating to see how things have evolved since our time together at the Creative Commons Institute for Open Leadership. Congrats on your active contributions to this field. Much appreciated.

You are very welcome Paul. I have been fortunate to make contact with leaders in the field like yourself who have been an inspiration and a great help. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Paul, the greatest reward is seeing people like you flourish. Hope to see you in Nantes next May.

Looking forward to it.