Welcome to the 2023 Summer Book Club

Hello and welcome to the CCCOER EDI Book Club for Summer 2023!

Rainbow over Kepuhi Bay, Molokai, Hawaii by Waydeo is CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Ahh…summer, the time of year when the promise of lazy days meet up with all the plans you didn’t or couldn’t get to during the rest of the year. Here’s to finding the optimal balance of lazy and productive days this summer!

Our 3rd annual Summer Book Club starts next Thursday, June 1, at 3 PM Eastern. This year’s community-driven selection is “OERigin Stories: Pathways to the Open Movement,” edited by Ursula Pike.

“The book, OERigin Stories, is a retelling of the personal and professional experiences of six women of color who have been strong advocates and leaders in the Open Education Movement. Through these women’s stories, we are invited to consider how our everyday actions can help to amplify the voices of systemically underrepresented leaders in our professional lives.”

We are pleased that Ursula agreed to attend the June 1 session to discuss OERigin Stories. Join us to learn more about this project and how it came to be.

Read this blog post to learn about the book club and this year’s selection.

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Now, let’s kick off the book club with introductions. Please reply with a message, letting others here know where you are located, what you do, and your experience with the intersections of EDI and Open Education. What is your OERigin story?

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Thanks for launching the discussion here @waydeo though we seem to be… devoid of replies? Where is everyone?

Wayde did invite us for intros, which many did during the first webinar, but maybe not everyone was there. So jump right in with a reply (that’s the blue button below) or perhaps a thought from the first session. And you can also start a new topic discussion thread with something you’d like to say or ask (return to the main EDI Book Club space and click New Topic)

It was wonderful to have @Ursula_Pike there for the first session to share where the OERigins Story came from and how it came to be, insspired from presentations at the Open Education Conferences first in 2019 and followed up with another one in 2020.

Both sessions led by Ariana Santiago, Cynthia Mari Orozco (@cynthia here), and Regina Gong (@ReginaGong here). I found a recording of the second presentation

So for intros, I amAlan Levine and I work at OEG where I try to instigate collaboration, connectivity, and resource sharing. I’m so old my origin story precedes the names “OER” and I started before there were open licenses and such, but became inspired at the start of my career as a technologist at the Maricopa Community Colleges by helpful information and shared content/tools I was finding on the pre-web internet. As shared in chat from the first session, back in 2014 I wrote a review of the many women who were instrumental , influential, and inspirations in my development (still in progress)

Looking forward to the discussion about the next chapters…

Okay, who is next?

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