What Are Your Go To Resources for Helping Explain Open Pedagogy?

During last summer’s CCCOER Open Pedagogy Adventure, @wakimsu started a great shared topic of recommended resources on Open Pedagogy

And we heard that the RLOE Network (Regional Leaders of Open Education) was tapping into these. Why not share some more?

I spotted via a tweet from @skatz a really great one

See her article published in the Times Higher Education which features very practical suggestions

As the web goes, I am always eager to follow hyperlinks, where Stacy mentioned a chapter on Renewable Assessments


which is itself within a larger OER publication-- Open Pedagogy Approaches (Faculty, Library, and Student Collaborations) by Alexis Clifton and Kimberly Davies Hoffman.

So what would be your top three (or break the rule and name more) go to resources to recommend as “how tos” for Open Pedagogy?

Cross pollinating is always a great idea :grin: