What is web3 and what does it mean for higher education?

The more I read about web3 the less I understand! But maybe this Future Trends Forum can change my track record. These are open sessions hosted in Shindig by Bryan Alexander.


What is web3, and what does it mean for higher education?

In this first of a series of Future Trends Forum events, we host Vriti Saraf, the founder of k20 Educators and cofounder of k20DAO, along with Scott Meyer, an entrepreneur and former professor, authors of “From Web3 to Ed3 - Reimagining Education in a Decentralized World.”

The Future Trends Forum is a weekly discussion event created and hosted by Bryan Alexander. Since 2016 we have addressed the most powerful forces of change in academia. Each week, this video chat brings together practitioners in the field to share their most recent work and experience in education and technology. The intent of the Forum: to advance the discussion around the pressing issues at the crossroads of education and technology.

Register here https://shindig.com/login/event/web3-1

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