Wikimania 2021

This year’s Wikimania takes place August 13-20, 20201, is all online and celebrates the 20th year of Wikipedia.

Registration is free and open now Wikimania 2021 Tickets, Fri, Aug 13, 2021 at 8:00 AM | Eventbrite


It’s the perfect event if you’re curious to learn what Wikipedians dream of, try to get done, and how humans manage to collaborate to build Wikipedia.


The beauty of this year is that anyone can attend, regardless of wherever they are.

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Keeping everyone up to date …

The Wikimania programme has been released - you can check it out here: 2021:Program - Wikimania

Here are a few of the education relevant presentations:

(there are many, many others)

And the organising team has released a series of posts on Diff with key information for event participants

Registration is still open.


Indeed the program is vast! Sadly the first session I saw of interest is 2am local time, but there are plenty of worthy sessions on other days. Any tips for a first time Wikimania-er?

I’m wondering if we can compel anyone attending to share back here in OEG Connect interesting projects, resources they see at Wikimania. For example, it’s my first exposure to the Wikipedia Library and as someone lacking institutional affiliations I often feel locked out of academic papers – the library looks like a fantastic incentive to be active in Wikipedia.

:smiley: Yeah … Navigating the Wikiverse can be daunting …!

For first time Wikimaniacs … here are some tips on how to navigate the space : Virtual Wikimania 2021: Finding your way around – Diff

If a presentation is not comfortably in your timezone, you can catchup here : Post Wikimania: Watching later – Diff

It would be great for people to add what interested them or what they think would be useful for other Open Educators … They could drop the links as comments below. I will do so as I come across some too!

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