Winner of the Open Practices Awards 2021 for Open Pedagogy

For announcement October 29, 2021 meet winners in one category of the Open Practices Awards.

Open Practices are collective behaviors and techniques that open up access to educational opportunities. These practices promote and support the use of open educational resources, technologies, and social networks to facilitate collaborative and flexible teaching and learning.

Open Pedagogy

An innovative open teaching practice that incorporates openness in several levels of the learning processes. Engaging not only in the production, use and reuse of content but also promoting effective open teaching practices.

The winner is…

Open Education Challenge Series

Vancouver Community College/BCcampus, Canada

Open Education Challenge Series

This was a 5-week micro-learning event that originally ran in the Fall of 2020 with a second condensed 5-day event running during Open Education week in March 2021. It is a learning event aimed as an introduction to open education for those new or curious about OpenEd.

The micro-learning event was designed around 10 short challenges each one designed to take 10 minutes to complete. 2 challenges per week were released (2 per day for the march interaction). The 10 minute lessons cover all areas of open education, from technology to pedagogy, resources to activities and made good use of the limited amount of time educators often have to devote to a professional learning event. The short challenges were fun and interesting and by the end of the series learners who were only passingly familiar with open education had some good practical skills and understanding of the scope of open education.

The series was designed, developed and originally facilitated (for the 5 week iteration) by Dr. Tannis Morgan (Vancouver Community College/BCcampus) and Leva Lee (BCcampus).


Please reply and extend your congratulations to the winner or ask them any questions about their award winning effort.

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Sending congratulations to @tannismorgan, Lena and BCcampus for organizing this approach to PD that is effect and inviting. Putting out a tray of cookies for anyone to grab…