365 Days / Examples of Annotation

I am likely wearing out my colleagues’ attention with my recurring interest in web annotation, but beyond my own specific project interests, in the broader sense, web annotation can be a low barrier activity of open pedagogy.

Don’t take my word for it, follow academic and annotation scholar Remi Kalir @remikalir in his daily sharing in 2022 of a different example of a use of annotation. Each day he shares as a post in his blog, a link to a tweet, and a link to a specific example of annotation in action.

Follow Remi in Twitter

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For even more insight, listen to the podcast we recorded with Remi a few weeks ago

And get ready for another round of our Three Days of Focus on (and Annotation of) the OER Recommendation.

What can you see potential in, or already do, with web annotation?

Thanks for sharing, Alan! Everyone is welcome to jump into #Annotate22 throughout the year, whether through social media, open annotation, or contributions of their own examples.