AI, E-Learning, and Open Education

Yu-Lun Huang from National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University in Taiwan runs an e-learning movement project for the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. More than thirty universities in Taiwan participate in the project. One of the challenges they encounter is leveraging modern technology, like artificial intelligence, to improve digital learning or online education, especially learning effectiveness.

Yu-Lun’s e-learning project hosted an E-learning and Open Education international conference on December 14, 2023 in Taiwan. Yu-Lun had read my AI From an Open Perspective post and kindly invited me to give an virtual keynote talk about AI for the conference and I accepted.

I titled my talk “AI, E-Learning & Open Education”. I enjoyed focusing in on AI as an education tool. This AI, E-Learning & Open Education blog post provides a summary of the talk and links to slides.

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This will be my last post for 2023.
Big thanks to OEGlobal and @cogdog for hosting this space on behalf of the global open education community.
Looking forward to continuing our open education journey in 2024.


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Thanks for posting this, Paul.

An interesting fact about Taiwan is that AI relies heavily on GPUs to train and run models as fast as they do, and almost all the producers of GPUs in the world, including Nvidia, rely heavily on TSMC, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, (see

In a very real sense, AI (and a lot of tech) currently depends on Taiwan!

@moodler yes, it’s fascinating to see how significant a player Taiwan is. Learned a lot watching Rob Toew’s “AI’s Single Point of Failure” TED talk -thanks for sharing. And congrats on your transition to your new role as Head of Research at Moodle!