Andres Arauz Keynote- Buen Conocer: Socially Oriented Policies at the Ministry of Knowledge of Ecuador

Ecuador underwent a profound transformation with the Constituent Assembly and a New Constitution in 2008 that elevated “Buen Vivir” (Good Living) as a constitutional paradigm and utopia.

It framed human rights in the context of rights of good living and set out a detailed political path for their enjoyment, including education, science, and technology policies. This required a long and careful effort at planning for development, in the context of the twenty-first century. The government was organized into six different sectors, the newest of which was the Knowledge and Human Talent sector.

As the longest-standing Minister of Knowledge of Ecuador, Andres Arauz implemented policies for “Buen Conocer”. It implied the long-term planning of Ecuador’s education policies, new wiki-built legislation for open knowledge, a review of international treaties, new universities, free open software, a biodiversity-focused agenda, and open knowledge procurement policies for access to medicine.

About Andres Arauz

Andres Arauz is a former Minister of Knowledge of Ecuador. Arauz supervised education, science, technology, intellectual property, university, culture, and heritage policy. He has extensive academic and policy experience in the intersection between public economics, finance, and technology. Arauz is a doctoral fellow at UNAM (Mexico) and was a presidential runner-up for Ecuador’s center-left progressive alliance or Unión por la Esperanza (UNES) in 2021. Andres Arauz is involved in research and advocacy initiatives around the world.


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