Are You Attending OE Global 2021? Say Hello

Hello! I’m Mariana Porta, from Uruguay! I work at our public university, UDELAR. I’m excited to participate in this event for the first time! I’m interested in learning communities and communities of practice as the greatest environment for educational improvement and educational innovation. Hope to learn a lot! See you all around!

Greetings OEG Community! My name is Lindsay Woodside and I work as Acting Director, Programs and Services at eCampusOntario. I am so excited to be attending my 2nd OE Global conference. I am also delighted to be joining forces with my eCampusOntario colleagues @rkabademanin @EmmaGooch @sjanjicek, Don Eldridge and Stephen Wilfeard as we participate in this conference!

Hello OEG. I’m Paul Bond, a librarian at a community college in central New York and a ringleader in the ds106 community. I’m interested in the intersections among open education and information literacy, as well as whatever other fun stuff people have to share at this conference.

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Hello everyone at OEG!
I’m Laura Henderson, I’m an Open Access publishing professional, leading the not-for-profit kids’ journal Frontiers for Young Minds. We’re a Sponsor of the conference, do come and find out more about us on our Sponsor page!
I myself am based in beautiful Lausanne, see pic attached, and am looking forward to connecting globally this week to explore further dissemination of our open-access resources, and possible translation support for our project into new languages.


Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Howdy! I am Judith Sebesta and I serve as the Executive Director of the Digital Higher Education Consortium of Texas, based in Austin. I also am the President of the Executive Council of CCCOER. I am really looking forward to this conference. Please join me for the first OE Global Talent Show Tuesday morning at 7:00 am Pacific Time! Should be great fun. And I have to say, I am wishing I were where @LauraHenderson is! Wow! (Here is a photo of a park near my house here in Austin where I like to walk my dogs.)


Bonjour tout le monde!
Mostly introduced myself here, in the session I’ll be chairing later today:
Webinar 05 Building Capacity - OE Global 2021 Online Conference / Action Area Webinars - OE Global Connect

I live in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal, on the unceded traditional territory of the Kanien’kehà:ka.

Particularly interested in meeting both people whose names I keep hearing and people whose Open Education work has yet to come to my attention.
For instance, I’ll be delighted to hear more from @AfricanLibrarian. Not only have Nigerians influenced my thinking about education but librarians are the heroines and heroes of the Information Age.

Since Nantes is hosting, it’s also a neat opportunity to connect with other people who at least have some knowledge of French. If that’s your case, feel free to say «bonjour» over here:
Francophones, Francophiles, éducation ouverte et libre - OE Global 2021 Online Conference - OE Global Connect

Au plaisir!

–Alex (ou Alexandre pour les Francophones)


Hello from Austin, TX! I’m Carrie Gits, Head Librarian at one of the Austin Community College campuses. I have been engaged in OER work at my institution and within Texas since 2016. Primarily in the area of faculty development as well as various areas of library support with OER and OE. This is my first OEGlobal conference!

We are exploring the development of a Faculty Fellowship on OE/OEP, so I will be exploring lots of ideas during this OE Global conference.

I wish I had a beautiful Austin picture to post, instead, I am sharing one from work. This fall we are back on site and our libraries have re-opened. Here’s a picture from my campus - which was a former shopping mall that has now been converted into a community college campus.

I look forward to the conference and connecting with others!


Howdy from Scottsdale, Arizona, US. My name is Lisa Young and I serve as faculty in the Center for Teaching and Learning at Scottsdale Community College. Additionally, I serve on the OE Global Board. I am so thrilled to meet all of you. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the conference!

Be well!



This is Thomas Kalluvila from Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee, WI, USA.

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Lovely to see you Chrissi. I think of you and our time at the Milano Politecnico OE Global 2019 every flower hat
time I wear this hat.

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Hello OE Global! My name is Sandra Janjicek and I am a Program and Service Coordinator at eCampusOntario. This is my first OEG conference! And I’m excited to be joining with my colleagues @LindsayWoodside @EmmaGooch @rkabademanin @Don-eCO and @stephen_wilfeard

Cheers to an engaging conference; I look forward to connecting!


Welcome Anil! I look forward to hearing more about your OER project. Another interesting OER project in India that OE Global had the pleasure of supporting was TESS India (Teacher Education thru School based Support). with Open University.


Hello Unatdaly,
Yes, I am attending the conference. This is a great platform and I thank you and the team for this wonderful opportunity. I know about TESS, a great project! It will be an honour and privilege if we can collaborate. Looking forward to that. Thank you.

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Hi everyone,
My name is Rochelle Robinson. I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Milwaukee Area Technical College. This is my first OE Conference and I’m quite excited! I am also excited to see so many of you around the globe who hold an interest in OE. I am looking forward to the presentations and activities. Welcome to you all!


Hi Carrie,
Welcome to your, hopefully first of many OE Global Conferences. We are thrilled to have you! I’m Marcela Morales @marcela, Community Relations Director for the OEG, and adopted Austinite for the past year.
I can’t say enough great things about Austin, TX. I just love everything about it -the people, the mood, the atmosphere, the food, the weather, the parks, the river… and I could go on and on. I hope you feel as welcomed to the conference as I have felt in your beautiful city.

Both, faculty development and librarianship are important focus areas for our community; highlighted even more so with the UNESCO OER Recommendation Area 1:Capacity Building. I trust you’ll find multiple sessions interesting during the week.

Here’s a picture of Austin taken on July 4th from the river. :slight_smile:

CC-BY MMorales


Lovely Austin picture and welcome to the city! Very nice to meet you Marcela and maybe our paths will cross here in Austin.

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Hi Rochelle, welcome to your first OE Global conference.
I hope you enjoy interacting with the OE community that gathers every year in the OE Global conference to share their experiences and practices from their own corner of the world.
We are excited to have you!

Hello Thomas,

Welcome to OE Global 2021 conference!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi everyone! I’m so glad to see old friends here and look forward to making new ones. I think this is the 9th OE Global conference that I’ve attended.

I’m attending from California, where I work with community colleges on many aspects of open education. I’m sharing here a photo from one of my places to hike, the high desert.

Glad that you’re all here!


hi Laura,
beautiful pic. I do a bit of peer review for Frontiers in education & love the platform & openness of peer review. Am also inspired by Frontiers for kids & am trying to get some colleagues interested :slight_smile:

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