Beautiful (and CC Licensed) Art for Better Sharing

If you are looking for beautiful open licensed art for your open education projects and events, take a look at the Better Sharing collection, commissioned by Creative Commons for their 20th anniversary

You can find the full collection from “to be enjoyed, used and adapted, and then shared again, by anyone, forever.”

Creative Commons asked the question What does better sharing for a brighter future look like to you? to 12 prominent global open advocates and then commissioned 12 artists known for their embracing of openness to create these posters.

The announcement for the Better Sharing Collection offers the pairings of the quotes and artwork for you to sample.

Take a look at the gallery, and maybe share one that might be useful to you or just one that speaks to your ideas of what Better Sharing means.

I was taken by the message and imagery of Open is Beautiful by Tetiana Korniichuk as the way it suggests both diversity and collaboration (and this open takes effort)

Open is Beautiful by Tetiana Korniichuk is shared under a Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC-BY-SA).

Please enjoy and share the collection!


Thanks for sharing @cogdog! One quick note…there’s a glitch in The Great’s website that displays the same license for every work. This #BetterSharing collection is actually licensed CC BY-SA as indicated in the licensing files in the downloads themselves. We hope to see the glitch fixed before too long!