Braiding Food Suggestions

You may tell me I am going way too far with the braiding metaphor :wink: But what is a more commons thread of connection for humans that the food we eat?

In today’s OEG Live Session with our fabulous conference planning team (which was an overview of many exciting elements of the conference), a question came in via the chat from @unatdaly who asked for recommendations for local vegetarian food.

Our NorQuest colleagues provided much!

Sarah Smyth let us know that a recommended restaurant list would be provided to attendees (likely as part of the digital swag).

Darrion Letendre @Darrion provided a strong recommendation for Pei Pei Chei Ow as a place for Indigenous cuisine all from local source foods. From their web site:

Inspired by the land, life, and seasons that surround us, Indigenous ways of cooking outdoors, and by the Indigenous way of Mino-Pimatisiwin, Pei Pei Chei Ow explores and highlights Indigenous food in today’s society, aiming to evoke memories and comfort

And Robert Lawson @rlawson780 sent a few more suggestions:

  • Padmanadi Indonesian/Chinese food. Fully vegan, very popular local favorite. Reservations recommended.
  • An Chay- Vietnamese food. Vegetarian/Vegan. Located very close to NorQuest campus. Very healthy options on the menu.
  • The Moth Cafe Mixed menu of western and eastern dishes with an excellent dessert selection. Vegetarian/Vegan. Slightly more expensive, reservations recommended.
  • Watari – Japanese food. Serves meat with vegetarian menu available. Offers a nightly buffet, strongly recommend reservation

If you are attending the conference, put out your food requests below (me, I’m looking for interesting tacos, something with local flavor) and let’s see if we can get good local recommendations

And we do not leave out those who cannot come to Edmonton, maybe braid in some of your own favorite vegetarian or Indigenous or taco (!) eateries anywhere.