CC Open Culture Remix Art Contest 2022

Creative Commons is offering a creativity challenge, asking for submissions of digital art remixes of public domain content.

Some details…

Better sharing of cultural heritage can unlock tremendous creative potential, as people remix content in new and inventive ways. Our goal for #CCSharesCulture is to showcase the astonishing creativity that open access to cultural heritage can trigger. Together, we can show how open access positively impacts contemporary culture and creativity outside institutional contexts, and how it is a true engine for cultural and social development.

Participants can reuse public domain or CC BY-licensed images, paintings, photographs, drawings, etc. digitized in open collections from anywhere in the world to create, submit, and share original artworks. Here is a list of institutions with public domain/openly licensed collections to get you started.

The Contest begins on 14 February, 2022, and ends on 30 April, 2022, at 11:59 PM UTC. Submit remixes here

Who here is game to remix some public domain art? What comes to mind as to how to represent “culture” in a remix? Who needs help learning how to do this, or ideas on what to create? Share your ideas, questions, or maybe just public domain media that might inspire others.

And if it helps there are cash prizes! Though remixing media ought to be its own reward. But note that honorable mentions for 8, 9, and 10th place are a copy of a book co-authored by someone here at OEGlobal.

Make and share some art…