Celebrating Open Educaton Leaders

What I love about OER leaders is that they often start out at the grassroots level. They can be faculty members, librarians, instructional designers, students, Whether it is a single person trying to get open education up and running at their institution or a team running a national organization, Open Education Week is a week they need to be celebrated for the work they are doing.

Growing leaders in imperative in growing open education. Here are just a few examples talking about Open Education leadership:

Change Leadership: Open Education and Institutional Change
Empowering Student Leadership in Open Education
ISKME - OER Academy: Leadership & Advocacy
Open Educational Leadership
Open Education Leadership: What I’ve Learned & Why It Matters
Open Education Leadership: Aligning Practices with Values

I’m sure that is just the tip of the iceberg! What additional examples can you share? We all know great leaders both veteran and emerging. Let’s celebrate! On Friday, March 5th let’s celebrate all that are leading in this beautiful space with the #OERLeaders.

If you are looking to grow your leadership skills, CCCOER will soon be looking for new executive council members!

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Thanks for launching this discussion, Cindy (and welcome to OEG Connect).

In parallel with this, today we are recording a podcast with one such leader, Rajiv Jhangiani, who was recognized with an OE Award for Excellence as an Emerging Leader. I’ve known and followed Rajiv for a long time, and he seems exactly the “start in the grassroots” leader you described

Hello OE Leaders and aspiring leaders – Happy OEWeek. A few other resources.

  1. Rebus had a wonderful office hour two months ago on “How to Engage Leadership” featuring Teri O. Galloway (LOUIS), Carrie Gits (Austin CC), and Josh Bolick (University of Kansas). My big takeaway “Be brave and be prepared” when you talk to leadership whether educational or political.

  2. OE Global and ICDE co-lead an OER Leadership Summit in 2019 in Paris, France where leaders gathered to create strategic plans and plans to collaborate. Final report available.