Contribute to an Open OER English Anthology

Call For Submissions – Non-Fiction Essays

CT State faculty and library staff, in association with Quabbin Quills and Connecticut Open Educational Resources, are looking for English composition essays to be published as OER/Open Access resources in an online anthology for faculty and students worldwide.

Help us create a collection of excellently written nonfiction essays, including work that fits the traditional modes or patterns of discourse — narrative, exemplification, definition, compare and contrast, classification, argument and persuasion — as well as creative non-fiction, literary analysis, and literacy narrative. Essays should be focused on the following topics: technology, food, social justice, family, gender, work, and culture.

Authors will receive full publication credit and the work will carry a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY ND 4.0) Public License.

To submit work, please go to

Submissions Deadline: July 15, 2023

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them in the thread. Thank you!

Thanks James for sharing this call for what will be a new OER. Perhaps I missed it, but is there an intended audience level for the essays?

Also, my curiosity gets the best of me – what is the story of the name “Quabbin Quills”? It’s catchy.

I do hope some readers here take you up on the offer.

Great questions!

At the moment, there is no audience level. While we would prefer adults with some experience in their field, we are also open to reading from student submissions.

Quabbin Quills is a nonprofit located in MA. Our motto “Creating Opportunity for Writers” aims to support the writing community in New England. We’re a small team, but we publish anthologies yearly.

We hope people submit, as we are currently very low on submissions. As many are probably aware, OER in the Humanities does not get as much attention as STEM. We hope this project can help with that, but many literary authors are hesitant to have their work as open.

That’s fabulous effort. It reminds me a bit of a long running project my friend/colleague Geoff Gevalt ran in Vermont as the Young Writers Project that was aimed more at high school age writers.