Contribute Your Voice to OEG Voices Opening Segment

(Did two takes so you can choose…)

Thanks Alex, I might just use both :wink: When it is convenient, can you enable the SoundCloud permissions to allow downloads? I’d prefer not doing the audio version of a screen capture!

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Oops! Sorry.
Made the change.

Wanted to share the .wav directly here. Sounds like it’s not a supported filetype.

Ha! Vocaroo allows for uploads as well! And it’s available in French!
I’ll definitely suggest it for teachers.
So, here’s that .wav again.

Yes, the site only accepts uploads for mp3! But no worries I got it via both your SoundCloud and Vocaroo links.

Just for fun and to see how it works, I made a recorder using H5P. It only saves .wav files, so I made a change to allow those now as uploads.

Note, this appears to not be working, it is generating an HTTPS error, leaving it here for testing and reporting… As it turns out, the Discourse platform strips out the necessary portion of the embed code that triggers a request to access the microphone. Until further notice, I refer anyone interested in the same H5P recorder in use here.

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Hey @cogdog! Here is the recording of my intro. So easy to do with Vocaroo!

View on Vocaroo >>

Now I’m challenging @moodler, @lcbyoung and @Katsu to do the same one and pass the torch to another Board Member.

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Thanks Lena, it sounds great. I am hoping to make a web tool that will randomly assemble a new version to hear, and thus we can have a different one for each episode.

And also thanks for putting the challenge out there, there’s no urgent pressure beyond keeping up with your board president :wink:


Hadn’t used the Audio Recorder in this way. I’m sure our teachers will enjoy this use of H5P.

You’re probably tired of hearing my voice (which is part of the reason I use live chat so much). Still, because I love to test stuff, here’s the result from this tool (using my usual mic setup instead of something better).

Seems to have worked quite smoothly. :smiley:

It did! And it’s you who is smooth, Lori-Beth thanks for the new track! I am eager to assemble these.

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Here’s my audio. Hope it sounds fine!

It sounds more than fine, Shinta, thank you for adding your voice.

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Just as a preview, an example of a new mix:

Included here are voices from contributions by @jsebesta1 @Shinta @Lena @Enkerli @LoriBeth @cynthia @rjhangiani and @smithshannon

I have grand plans to build a web site where all the segments can be shuffled into a random mix… but we have room for many more voices! Please record and share today (see details above)


This is great, Alan! So proud to be included among these mellifluous voices.

A new version since @AjitaD was gracious enough to send a recording (this version to be used for new episode ready to publish any hour now)…


Okay, it took me a bit of fiddling to figure this out, but I have a web tool that lets you hear random mixes of those that contributed recordings. Thanks again to @jsebesta1 @Shinta @Lena @Enkerli @LoriBeth @cynthia @rjhangiani and @smithshannon plus we have a few OEG staff @paulstacey @unatdaly @marcela @igorlesko chiming in to the “OEG Voices” chorus.

While it does not make them into a single audio file, it generates at the bottom under “For the Mixer” the bits I need to run it from command line.

And I can easily add more voices at any time. These will be used to create a different intro sequence for every new episode.

Also, I was delinquent in not making this clear, a CC BY license should have been offered at the top to cover your media… anyone who recorded does not wish their voice to be used, I will remove it.

And this remains open at anytime.


Oh, wow!
Reminds me of Brian Foo’s Citizen DJ project at Library of Congress:
Citizen DJ / Homepage (
We used that one in an exercise in our intensive Creative Commons training with @Jennryn & Shanna Hollich, this week, and it felt like cheating yet allowed for learning. :wink:

After all, in learning as elsewhere… Everything is a Remix

Will investigate your mixvoices gizmo. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Sidenote, I think there’s a typo @rjhangiani’s name.

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Thank Alex. Citizen DJ is new to me and I love it, there is no cheating in any way. I like you you can just mix and match, change up tracks in real time.

Also, I ought to know better, my dear friend Rajiv (name fixed, one edit in the data array), and maybe that means its been too long since we talked (#theExcuseIsLame)

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The reason it felt like cheating, for the exercise, is that we had to create a remix. In this case, Brian Foo’s algorithm did the remix (and the pieces were Public Domain).
(3) Alexandre Enkerli on Twitter: “During our intensive training @creativecommons, @jennrynw and @srhlib assigned a collection/remix exercise. While using #CitizenDJ @beefoo felt like cheating, learning and laughter ensued. #AchievementUnlocked” / Twitter